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The East Head View Point will blow you away!

If at any point, you happen to find yourself in Knysna then you have to visit the East Head View Point for the most spectacular views of the Knysna Lagoon, Leisure Isle, and Knysna as a whole. It’s hard to explain in words how breathtaking the views are, so we prefer to show you.

No Knysna itinerary would be complete without seeing the town’s most iconic sight – the Knysna Heads; two graceful yet formidable cliffs, standing proud at the edge of the ocean, guarding the entrance to the warm water estuary, also known as the stunning Knysna lagoon.

Both Heads offer equally fantastic views over the tranquil lagoon and raging sea below, but the Eastern Head is the most accessible. In fact, it only takes a quick drive to get to the phenomenal East Head Viewpoint. Here you’ll find a lovely trail with well-maintained walkways all along the cliff. The views are simply breathtaking.

Address:22 Glen View Road, Knysna, Western Cape, South Africa
Google Maps Link:
Operating Hours:Open 24 hours a day
Entrance Fee:There is no cost to visit the East Head View Point

What are the best ways to experience The Heads?

The heads provide a range of dramatic viewpoints, overlooking either the waves below or looking back over the lagoon to the town. These breathtaking views can be reached on a variety of different walks, ranging from very short preambles to more strenuous hikes.

The East Head is easily accessible by car, and has a number of viewing points and decks from where to take in the stunning vistas. Cony Glen Road has two different viewpoints, each of which promises a slightly different perspective of this incredible natural wonder. There are also several little beaches and rock pools that can be reached via the East Head.

Several restaurants also allow you great views of the heads, the most popular of which is no doubt East Head Café, which has indoor and outdoor tables that are all positioned to make the best use of these views. Blankets are provided so that, even when the seasons turn, visitors can enjoy delicious food or cocktails accompanied by world-class views.

The heads can also be enjoyed through several different activities. Rent a stand-up paddleboard, canoe, or kayak and enjoy venturing out in the lagoon near the heads to catch a glimpse of them from a different perspective. At slack tide, you can even swim or snorkel over the wreck of the Paquita. Just be sure when engaging in any activity on the lagoon to check the tides and the weather before heading out. There are also a variety of charter cruise companies that offer sunset cruises or day sailing trips up to, or even through, the heads.

The West Head is the wilder of the two heads and can only reached via a ferry boat cruise with the Featherbed company or as a private guest of one of the luxury lodges situated on the Western Head. Much of this headland is part of a private reserve and during a trip here you can enjoy a 4×4 exploration of the head, a short hike, or a delicious lunch under the Milkwoods.

The truth is, no matter what I say, it still won’t do the views that you get when visiting the East Head View Point. All I ask is that at some point in your life, you make your way there and see what I’m talking about with your own eyes. It’s at that point that you will feel a twinge in your heart and you will never forget that moment.

And then, you will find yourself going back many times. That’s a promise.

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